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Yellow Dog Eats



排名第 1Gotha快餐小吃(共 1 个)
排名第 1Gotha餐饮场所(共 2 个)
卓越奖2015 - 2018 年得奖者


美式烹饪, 烧烤
适合素食主义者, 适合严格素食者, 提供无麸质美食
餐时, 功能



Small $2.50
Large $4.50
Homemade Coleslaw
Small $3.50
Large $6.95
Mozzarella & Tomato
Small $2.50
Large $4.50
Oven Roasted Potatoes/ Potato Salad
Small $2.50
Large $4.50
Italian Spiral
Small $3.50
Large $6.95
House Penne Pasta
Fido's Feast
A smoked marinated portabello served on a kaiser bun w/ smoked red onions, sprouts, tomatoes, leaf lettuce, gouda cheese, & a chipotle sundried tomato pesto.
Strawberry Fields
Fresh strawberries, crumbled feta cheese, dikon sprouts, sliced red onions, candied walnuts, tossed in spring mix w/ raspberry vinaigrette
Beast of the Middle East
A mediterranean inspired sandwich w/ homemade tabbouleh, hummus, fresh red peppers, cucumbers, dikon sprouts, black olives, feta cheese, & tatziki pressed on our house multi-grain bread
Briechon Chisé
Our savory honey oat bread w/ freshly sliced granny smith apples, thinly cut brie, sliced red onions, & a delicious candied walnut spread pressed to perfection
Downward Dog
A sauteed blend of portabello mushrooms, water chestnuts, peanuts, & onions mixed w/ shredded lettuce, fresh carrots, scallions, red onions, & sriracha in a spinach wrap all come together w/ our incredible homemade peanut sauce!
Jolly Green Giant
A spinach tortilla filled to the brim w/ meaty avocado, red onions, goat cheese, sprouts, scallions, & spring mix are made delightful w/ our cilantro-lime-avocado dressing
Black Lab's Lunch
Spinach tortilla layered w/ homemade hummus, shredded carrot, red onions, scallions, strawberries, caramelized onions, cucumber, tomato & spouts.Topped w/ feta, spring mix, & feta vinaigrette.
Classic Yellow Dog Club
Honey mesquite turkey coupled w/ smoked gouda cheese & layered w/ crunchy apple wood smoked bacon, leaf lettuce, orange-cointreau mayo, & crunchy cucumber rings arranged lovingly on multi-grain bread
Hot Diggidy Dog (Not a Hot Dog)
Yellow dog invented this wrap by snuggling up his famous yellow dog club, heating it up & drizzling lightly w/ sweet thai chili sauce & cusabi ranch dressing.
Classic Mexican Mutt
Southwestern chipotle wrap holds wood smoked chicken or seasoned roast beef, fresh & sassy black bean spread, shredded lettuce, local tomatoes, homemade chunky salsa, caramelized onions, cilantro sour cream & a gourmet three cheese blend. Aye chihuahua!substitute meat w/ oven roasted potatoes
Brie cheese
Black Forest Ham Bone
Black‎ forest smoked ham w/ smoked gouda cheese, layered w/ wood smoked pineapple, blankets of leaf lettuce, tomato, sweet smokey pommery grain mustard & a hint of yellow dog’s orange-cointreau mayo, served on multi-grain bread.
Johnny Rocket
Honey mesquite roasted turkey, raspberry melba, mild cherry ring peppers, local tomatoes, smoked gouda cheese, orange-cointreau mayo, leaf lettuce on multi-grain bread. Sweet, smokey salty bliss..
Retriever's Roast
Seasoned medium rare roast beef fetches local tomatoes, leaf lettuce, sweet smokey pommery mustard, gouda cheese, orange-cointreau mayo & caramelized onion finished off w/ a savory pimento spread. All napping on multi-grain bread.
Chicken $+2.00
Black Hound
Black beans smothered in spanish yellow rice, homemade salsa, caramelized onions, shredded lettuce & mixed monterey jack cheese all snuggled up in a chipotle wrap. Add jalapenos, if you dare.
Kitty Kat
Solid all-white albacore tuna salad w/ a distinctive teriyaki marinade, dried cranberries, onions w/ crisp leaf lettuce, orange-cointreau mayo, sunflower sprouts, & gouda served on a multi-grain bread. This is a house favorite!
The Holy Crap
Named by a beloved customer, this weekly special quickly became a fan favorite. It’s our honey mesquite roasted turkey piled high & pressed to perfection w/ avocado, bacon, goat cheese, red onions, & basil mayo on our classic honey oat multi-grain bread.
Puppy Love
Roasted creamy peanut butter, homemade strawberry preserves, sliced bananas, fresh cut strawberries, chocolate shavings, chopped roasted peanuts & a side of monkey mix.
As a wrap or sandwich $9.95
Kitty Cat Nap Salad
Gourmet field greens covered in solid-white albacore tuna w/ asian marinade sassied up w/ fresh grated ginger, red onion, scallions, seasonal fruits, plump raisins, dried cranberries & sesame seeds.
Are You Chicken? Salad
A great healthy, low-carb salad. Delicious slices of marinated house wood-smoked chicken on top of field greens & garnished w/ cucumbers, baby tomatoes, shredded carrots, dried fruit & nut blend, dikon sprouts & sliced red onions.
Make it a wrap $9.95
Make it a sandwich $9.95
Smokey Smoked Salmon Salad
Yellow dog’s dry rub salmon, ever-so-slightly smoked to perfection & served over field greens & garnished w/ cucumbers, baby tomatoes, shredded carrots, dried fruit & nut blend, dikon sprouts & sliced red onions. Also available mixed w/ a kiss of orange-cointreau mayonnaise; fresh cut scallions & served over greens.
Wrap it up $9.95
Get it on our multi-grain bread $9.95
Waldorf Salad
This delicious mixed fresh, all white meat chicken salad is mixed lightly w/ celery, toasted walnuts, granny smith apples & fresh tarragon served on baby field greens or in a wrap w/ gouda cheese & a layer of orange-cointreau mayonnaise.
As a wrap or as a sandwich $9.95
Curry Chicken Salad
A delightful all white meat curry chicken salad served w/ toasted coconut, fresh mango chutney & toasted granulated peanuts. This is awesome!
Pulled Pork Salad
A bed of fresh greens, grape tomatoes, red onions, scallions, carrots, tangy bleu cheese, fried onions, cucumbers & dikon sprouts topped w/ a hearty serving of our famous pulled pork & fish’s citrus-BBQ sauce.
Half $9.95
Full $18.95
1/2 Rack of Ribs w/ ‘Gold’ Sauce
Served w/ yellow dog sassy coleslaw & chips.“killer rack, dawg”available when market allows
Yellow Dog's ‘Famous’ Pulled Pork Sandwich
Served w/ coleslaw & your choice of chips.
Club Elvis
Our pulled pork decadently topped w/ thickly sliced bacon, gouda cheese & fried onions on a bun w/ coleslaw & chips. Top off your sandwich w/ the slaw, it’s hog heaven.
Thin Elvis
The carbs have left the building! Our pulled pork topped w/ thickly sliced bacon, red onion, & scallions cradled in green leaf lettuce. Served w/ our cucumber & tomato salad in italian vinaigrette.
Blue Suede Shoes
Our smooth pulled pork topped w/ tangy bleu cheese, crispy bacon, thin sliced scallions & red onions served on a soft bun. This would make elvis proud.
White Trash
Our pulled pork served on sunbeam white bread topped w/ spicy coleslaw, gouda cheese & bacon. Y’all gonna kiss your cousin!
Florida Cracker
Our pulled pork served on sunbeam white bread w/ coleslaw, gouda cheese, bacon, pickles & fried onions. This one makes you want to slap your grandma!
Mr. Smokey
Our‎ pulled pork w/ wonderfully smoked pineapple, fried onions, crispy bacon & heavenly BBQ sauce on a soft bun.
The Rufus
Succulent yellow dog pulled pork topped w/ thick cut brie cheese, cherry ring peppers, drizzled w/ our famous raspberry melba. Feeling frisky
Subtract $+2.00
Pulled Pork Nachos
A plate of tri-colored tortilla chips piled high w/ black beans, cheese, thai chili sauce, cilantro sour cream, homemade salsa, mild cherry ring peppers, red onions, scallions, & incredible BBQ sauce. Finish it off w/ pulled pork & you are sure to leave satisfied. Substitute chicken for pork if you’d like! Don’t
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多年来,我一直把这个地方列在“必须尝试”的名单上!但是,我们总是去Disney Favorites,因为孩子们不想错过。终于我成功地说服了家人去尝试。真的!我们很遗憾没有早点尝试!我们吃了一顿美餐。我们每个人都吃了一个不同的三明治,我们热爱我们所尝试的一切。我们会回来的…很喜欢这里!

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过去几年我们一直在这家黄狗餐厅(Yellow Dog Eats)吃东西。这是一个非常不拘一格的地方,菜单很有趣。我们真的很喜欢烧烤猪肉三明治和这个地方的气氛。

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