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Hum Vegetarian, Lounge & Restaurant
胡志明市排名第50 (共5,424家美食)
价格区间: US$8 - US$20
氛围类别: 酒吧风格
用餐选择: 可预订
2016年8月20日点评 通过移动设备发表


感谢 Meililin
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GS_Manager1,Hum Vegetarian, Lounge & Restaurant 的 Management Team,回复了这篇点评2016年11月24日已回复
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Dear Meililin,
Thank you for your feedback. When reading your note here we have thoroughly re-investigate the case, so much appreciate this opportunity to clarify it with you. First of all, we understand that you feel very displeased and please know that we are very sorry about that. Second of all, our record shows that indeed we have not received any reservation under your name at either Hum Vegetarian. Since you did not remember who you talked to on the phone, it’s virtually impossible for us to trace it further. On a Sunday when it’s always very full at Hum, we have not been able to arrange seating for your 12-guest group and for that, please know that we are also very sorry. Our staff have offered that you waited a little, but perhaps you have already been so unhappy that you did not take the offer, nor the apology from her. We understand here that language barrier might play a major role in this misunderstanding, however we would like to offer our sympathy once again that your expectation hasn’t been met. With this note, we hope you understand a bit clearer of the situation. Should you choose to visit Hum Vegetarian again, we hope it would be a very satisfactory experience. Thank you once again and best from all of us.

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今年四月底跟朋友到这间店造访吃中餐 一进去之后被她漂亮的装潢吸引 感觉在炎热的夏天
满心舒畅 服务人员态度也很亲切 但是可能我们点的菜不是很好 来的量少吃不饱 烹饪方式可能是素食店吧 哈哈 煮的方式属于比较清淡的口味 我是不会再去第二次的啦 因为只是装潢不错引发不了再去的动机 这是以我个人的观点口味喔 没有其他的意思

感谢 JojoTsao
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2016年7月22日点评 通过移动设备发表


1  感谢 NZCuz
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GS_Manager1,Hum Vegetarian, Lounge & Restaurant 的 Management Team,回复了这篇点评2016年9月20日已回复
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Dear NZCuz,
We would like to thank you for your comment in TripAdvisor. Hum Vegetarian is fortunately loved by many customers so we are mostly full all the time - a reservation is always handy like you mentioned. We are very happy that you enjoyed our dishes and hope to welcoming you soon.


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2016年7月10日点评 通过移动设备发表

我所遇到最好的现代素食餐厅之一!突出的氛围和优秀的服务!两次都没有预约,我们到店后等一桌可用就上桌就餐了—— 但我还是建议预约是必要的。菜单品种丰富,十分精彩。我们点的每一道菜都很精美可口。超爱!

1  感谢 Q1375KLcaroll
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GS_Manager1,Hum Vegetarian, Lounge & Restaurant 的 Management Team,回复了这篇点评2016年8月16日已回复
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Dear Carol L,
Thank you very much for visiting Hum and writing us such a great review in Trip Advisor, we cannot be flattered more. Hum is designed to be a tranquil venue for diners to truly enjoy delicious and healthy vegetarian dishes and drinks. We appreciate your helpful advice towards other valued guests. Your compliment is a huge motivation to our team, for which we truly appreciate. We look forward to welcoming you here at Hum in the nearest future.


2016年7月2日点评 通过移动设备发表


1  感谢 Christopher_Kwok
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GS_Manager1,Hum Vegetarian, Lounge & Restaurant 的 Management Team,回复了这篇点评2016年8月16日已回复
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Dear T1099JUchristopherk,
Thank you for making us your venue of choice. We deeply understand that everything we eat every day makes huge impact on our body and spirit. Hence, all raw ingredients and materials are strictly fine selected from reliable suppliers in order to bringing natural and freshest taste at its best. We appreciate your generous comment on the tempura; indeed it has been one of the top dishes of choice at Hum, and we are still striving to perfect it, as well as to other dishes. We hope to have opportunities to welcome you back and proudly present you with many other Hum specialties. Once again, thank you for your support.

(Excuse us for not getting back to you in your language. We hope that you'll find no inconvenience in reading our message, with thanks.)


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