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ARANG Sate Bar的点评

ARANG Sate Bar
乌布排名第92 (共1,063家美食)
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2017年12月29日点评 通过移动设备发表


感谢 Meyale
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Arang S,ARANG Sate Bar 的 Manager,回复了这篇点评2017年12月29日已回复
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Thank you for your review.

Wonderful to see that our staff had gone above and beyond from greeting you and assisting with your bicycles while offering Arang Sate Bar's usual attentive service.

We are very pleased that you appreciated our decor and our wonderful, well priced menu selections.

We look forward to seeing you and your guest again upon your return visit.

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感谢 amandashe
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Arang S,ARANG Sate Bar 的 Manager,回复了这篇点评2017年11月19日已回复
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Thank you very much for your review.

Arang is so happy you enjoyed all your sates, particularly our oyster mushroom skewers.

We thank you for your recommendation.

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2017年9月29日点评 通过移动设备发表


感谢 hyejung-shin
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Arang S,ARANG Sate Bar 的 Manager,回复了这篇点评2017年10月5日已回复
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Thanks for your review.

Arang Sate Bar is concerned by your review about your wait time for your food and that you state that the food was 'cold and stiff'. At Arang we aim to get out all of our dishes within a reasonable time based on cook times and how busy the restaurant might be. From your review it appears your dish, I wish I knew what it was from your review, came out late, cold and stiff.
I have discussed with our kithen staff and floor staff how important it is to meet our desired goals of getting out our food within 7-9 minutes after 'firing'. Further, the importance of getting the dishes out to our guests from the 'pass' has been attended too as well, so Arang never sends out 'cold' dishes.

The situation that you describe is a rare occourrence at Arang Sate Bar but is an operational concern that has been discussed with our kitchen and floor staff.

From the information you have provided We have increased our awareness and attention regarding 'the pass' and anticipate that this shall not occur again. Thank you for your review as it and all guest reviews help us to raise our awareness and better our restaurant operations.

We don't like seeing negative reviews but they do serve to help us get even better in ensuring a best dining experience at our restaurant for our guests.

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2017年8月24日点评 通过移动设备发表


感谢 TomGuppy
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Arang S,ARANG Sate Bar 的 Manager,回复了这篇点评2017年8月24日已回复
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Rock on with your bad selves....and you guys brought the Baby along for the ride!

Fantastic, so great to see that Arang Sate Bar came through for you and the family...baby seat and all. Arang understands how to provide for all our guests needs to offer the most comfortable, welcoming and enjoyable dining experience.

While that is an invaluable part in hospitality , making the guests feel 'at home', we are so pleased to see that your menu selections hit the spot. Thank you for recognizing the high quality presentations and flavors that Arang kicks out, both on our food and beverage side.

See you Friday for an encore.

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2017年8月4日点评 通过移动设备发表


感谢 PottyTraveller2011
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Arang S,ARANG Sate Bar 的 Manager,回复了这篇点评2017年8月6日已回复
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Hear Hear!!

Thank you for the review. So glad to see you enjoyed the experience.

Our braised chicken is so delightfully tender and flavorful it almost eats itself.

Thank you for commending our wonderful staff and recommending Arang Sate Bar.


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